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OpenStreetMap & Mapnik & Mod_tile & Others…

This week has been interesting , learning how to build and configure a ‘free’ map server.
Installing all the dependencies onto CentOS before even building or compiling stuff was a challenge in itself. But once PostgreSQL and PostGIS were happy all the other things were fairly fiddly to set-up. There is a lot of information out there and some of it gets outdated quickly especially if you try to do thing through SVN.
Still having trouble with mapnik and rendering all the tiles. But I got mod_tile running really nicely and it seems to render really fast. Like I said I need to figure out how to render all the images I can.

On a CentOS VM running all on its own blade server (DELL m600) with 16 gig of RAM and paraVirtual scis to an iscsi LUN I was able to import the OpenStreetMap database in little over 11 hours (8 gig compressed zip). With a clone Machine with only 4 gig of ram and using the slim mode option it took 4 days to complete.! LOL.

Seems like mod_tile is the way to go , but I have MapServer compiled and also installed and will play with that too. GeoServer seems very simple to set-up but , the style area is a little confusing to me at the moment , and running via the JDK api gives me something to think about.